The newest, simplest, most effective way to stop trigger and hammer pin walk and rotation in the AR15. Maintain the original lines of your AR. Does not protrude. Nothing to snag fingers or gloves. Add consistency and reliability. ALWAYS 100% AMERICAN MADE: Manufactured by Rochester Automatics in Upstate New York. 100% American sourced tooling, materials and workmanship. Option 1 Professional Grade Trigger Pin Control. Our original design! This hi-tensile, hi-torque alloy pin is made to B18-8 Mill-spec. Precision machined, ground and polished, will absolutely stop the rotation, walk and misalignment of the trigger pin in the AR forever. They do not add any complication or additional parts for rock solid reliability. Each pin is hand inspected and helps to keep the holes in your lower in like new condition, especially in those made of ultra light alloy. Yet, they work in any AR regardless of condition. Installation and removal is almost effortless. This pin will smooth trigger pull and hammer release and will easily outlast any lower it is installed in. A true gun builders favorite and a ‘must have’ in that new build. Tired, worn lower? This pin will bring it back to life. These pins WILL work in reamed, well used and oversized lowers. Hex key included. Option 3 The Top of the line fix for that AR’s weak spot. Our simplest PREMIUM solution for Hammer AND Trigger pin walk and rotation. This solution offers exceptional pin stability along with outstanding trigger constancy and performance, all with the fewest parts possible. We combine our newly designed expansion style pin for the hammer section along with our original trigger pin to protect your investment. Want to resurrect a tired lower? This is your best option. Our specially heat treated alloy resists corrosion, maintains strength and is wear resistant. Both pins may be easily *removed.   *Once removed, replacement with a new hammer pin is recommended. The trigger pin can be used indefinitely. Hex keys included. Option 2 Quality Universal Hammer/Trigger Anti- Rotation Anti-Walk Pin. This package includes two of our newly designed expansion pins which can be used for the hammer AND trigger. This solution only adds two small screws and feature ease of installation and *removal. The pins are precision engineered, manufactured and heat treated to exacting standards. They are inserted with the slotted end engaged into the fat side of the lower. (Did you know the pocket in your lower is offset? Now you do.) As the screw is snugged it gently expands in the pin hole. This pin is made to exert ‘just enough’ pressure to hold it steady. This pressure also holds the screw firmly in place until you decide to remove it. *Once removed, replacement with new pins is recommended. Hex keys included. Gun ownership is an awesome responsibility and your fundamental right. You MUST make sure your weapons are safe AND safe to use under EVERY circumstance. This product will not repair a damaged, badly worn or unsafe weapon. The buyer assumes ALL responsibility to evaluate the application and ultimately the decision to buy and/or use this product. Support and Info: 585.254.8820 Monday through Friday 8A to 4P EST. Dealer inquiries welcome. Click to E-Mail us with questions or comments.  (We will NEVER send you any unsolicited e-mail or share ANY of your information for any reason.) Proudly designed and manufactured in Rochester New York by Rochester Automatics inc. American made. American pride.